(English) Low tax Cymru – the way forward for a fairer society and a powerhouse economy to bring jobs and prosperity

(English) Radical changes in the economy are essential if an independent Wales is to thrive and prosper, that’s the message from the country’s newest political party GWLAD GWLAD.

“We must not become a country of high taxes”, said Gwlad Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans told voters this week. Darllen Mwy

(English) More power to the people of Wales – independence is target for a brighter, better future for all

(English) The people of Wales are constantly being sold short by the UK government, and now is the time to start pushing even harder for our independence. A new Welsh independence party is setting its sights on home rule for a brighter future.

“We are a justly proud of our big hearted small country, we punch way above our weight in sport, culture and the arts,” GWLAD GWLAD leader Gwyn Evans told a hustings at Llanidloes. Darllen Mwy