(English) Creating Citizenship for Wales

The book, and its author: pictured with her husband, a Persian Christian who came to Wales as a refugee

(English) This is an important book. Whatever one’s views on immigration in general, whether for or against, it is a fact of life; a large number of immigrants both from within and outside the UK already live in Wales, and nothing is more certain than the fact that many more will arrive in future. How Wales reacts to their presence will have a vital bearing on the country’s economy and culture for years to come. Darllen Mwy

(English) 2021 Mustn’t Be A Repeat of 2007

Architect's drawing of the Senedd Building; completed in February 2006, the Assembly elected in 2007 was the first to occupy it for the whole term. Image credit: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

(English) In Welsh politics, it seems that the one constant is the immovable dominance of the Labour Party. Yet in Scotland, where Labour were once every bit as dominant as in Wales, they are now almost vanquished as a political force. When, and why, did the two country’s paths diverge so much? Darllen Mwy