(English) Why Gwlad is a safe home for disillusioned Conservatives

(English) The only way that life is ever going to get better in Wales is for the Labour party’s hegemony to be broken for good. What Wales needs more than anything else is a serious alternative that people in every part of Wales can vote for with confidence. We can be sure that the Conservative Party is never going to be that alternative. Darllen Mwy

(English) A Citizens’ Income for Wales

(English) It’s no secret that a key part of our policy portfolio – perhaps the centrepiece – is the concept of a Citizens’ Income, namely an amount of money to be paid to every working-age adult citizen of Wales to provide them with a basic income, regardless of whether they are in work or out of work, married or single, rich or poor. Some people call the same concept a ‘Universal Basic Income’ (UBI). Speaking personally it’s an idea I’m quite passionate about. Darllen Mwy