Something to get our teeth into

Plenty of people complain about the difficulty of finding NHS dental treatment in Wales, but there have been few detailed studies to gauge just how bad the problem is and why it is, in fact, so bad. Therefore it was interesting to see an in-depth article – covering 12 pages in all – in this month’s British Dental Journal, specifically looking at the situation in Wales and how it varies under the seven different regional health boards. Read More

Cofiwch Mynydd y Gwair!

There's a lot to remember in Wales - along with Tryweryn

Mynydd y Gwair is a large  open access Upland Common in north Swansea which lies within the Lordship of Gower. The Lord of Gower is the Duke of Beaufort of Badminton, Gloucestershire, an extremely wealthy non-Royal Duke. Gower was a Marcher Lordship and has been held by the Normans since well before the 1282 final conquest of Wales. Read More