A Million to Promote Wales

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AN on-line platform to promote Wales all over the world is aiming for a million users on the site.

St. David’s World was started up by father and son Tim and Rhys Openshaw last year, to showcase Wales and various elements of Welsh life.

Already, 330 individual platforms have been established on the site, with around 2,000 users currently registered, dotted all around the world.

But, with interest and enthusiasm for the project growing monthly, the founders have now set their sights on an even more ambitious goal.

‘What we’d like is to get to a million users across the world’ said Tim Openshaw, originally from Wrexham but now living in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

‘We think this is an achievable target, and we are also talking to the Welsh Government about getting some support to develop the site and take the project forward’.

Tim said the original impetus for the idea came some years ago when he was living in Singapore, and sent out an invite to any Welsh people to join him in a bar to watch Wales play rugby.

‘300 turned up in their Welsh tops that day, and the idea just grew, and grew from there’ he said.

He added that St. David’s World is all about showing Wales to the world, and promoting the fact that Wales has a great story to tell in so many ways.

‘Hopefully, in time it can also help with investment into Wales which can help with jobs and so on, as well as promoting the language, culture and history elements’.

The site allows anyone to ‘host’ a platform to promote their Welsh-related interests, with platform users also encouraged to link up with each other.

The site has also recently struck up an arrangement with Cardiff University, whereby sports journalism students can write about sporting events on the site.

St. David’s World is a brilliant idea all round which shows Welsh enterprise at its best.

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