A wake-up moment for Wales

NATIONALISTS have long awaited the moment where a majority of the people of Wales woke up to the nature of the abusive and exploitative relationship we endure as a nation with our big neighbour next door.

One would not have wished for that moment to arrive in the form of a full blown health emergency – but that’s exactly what happened this past weekend.

When thousands of tourists descended upon rural Wales, despite all warnings about Covid 19 related ‘non-essential’ travel – it was as if the penny finally dropped for the vast majority here.

That Wales is viewed merely as a convenient playground in the minds of many our neighbours, not worthy of respect, consideration or safety.

Without respect, consideration and safety, no relationship, be that between individuals or nations, can long endure.

Whatever mitigating measures to prevent movement are finally introduced by Boris Johnson’s government or Mark Drakeford’s puppet regime in Cardiff Bay – one can only sense that things can never be the same again.

Once this crisis finally blows over, the people of Wales will need to finally acknowledge that huge changes are needed here.

That means voting for nationalist parties at the Senedd Election in 2021.

GWLAD promise a wholesale reform of the tourist industry in all its aspects. We want to involve the people of Wales to draw up a new tourism strategy for this nation, a Wales-based national strategy.

But one which starts from the grassroots to discover what local communities actually want from a tourism industry.

How much tourism they want to see in their communities and how best to develop that indistry to serve the interests of Wales.

And how best to mitigate the effects of tourism on language, society and economy in Wales as a whole.

Tourism has long been too much of a master in Welsh life. Serving such a master has led to a range of problems which are all too painfully obvious to people by now.

The emperor truly has no clothes.

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