‘Abolish Westminster’ on a roll

A NEW campaign is picking up support all over the political spectrum.

The ‘Abolish Westminster’ campaign started as a Facebook group, but it has now morphed into a real life grouping, beyond traditional politics.

With a subtitle of ‘A true family of nations’ as can be seen in the graphic below, the campaign seeks to end the dominance of Westminster in the UK political system.

Freeing England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall (and Ireland) from its baleful influence, and allowing each nation to flourish on their own individual terms.

The new campaign seems yet further vindication that Brexit has been the greatest ever disruptor to the ‘business as usual’ political class mentality.

This week’s revelations about Westminster deliberately covering up sex abuse amongst serving politicians, will be further fuel for the public sentiment that it can’t be ‘business as usual’ any longer.

As a party, GWLAD believes that a Scandinavian model could well work here in the UK as a post-EU direction of travel is established.

In Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden share a common land mass, but remain three sovereign nations, who can co-operate together on certain issues.

Independence for Wales will not be such a bogeyman for people, if it can be shown that a workable model of sovereignty and co-operation between neighbouring nations already exists and works well elsewhere.

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