Swansea City Deal Revealed as an EXPENSIVE SHAM!

In Carmarthenshire a Plaid Cymru led council is caught up in a mire of a public project which may never have been viable and threatens the whole Swansea Bay City Deal.

Details are emerging of the betrayal of the people of Carmarthenshire, and the Swansea Bay City Region as a whole, by the less than noble proponents of the “Flagship” Wellness Neurosciences Village planned to create jobs and prosperity in Llanelli. The whole mess is not yet fully investigated but the theme of the reports to date is that the scheme was never properly planned or thought out and some of its leading proponents were clearly lacking in honesty, integrity, objectivity and impartiality. Read More

Pie in The Sky Vanity Projects – Who Do They Actually Benefit?

Wales has a considerable deficit in medical education and does not train the number of medical practitioners or nurses needed for our country. Why were Swansea Academics and a Carmarthenshire Local Government Civil servant planning to sell medical science degrees to middle east students? Its a kick in the teeth for our own youngsters who cannot even get into a medical or nursing school due to shortage of places. Were the “proceeds” ever likely to be used to expand our own medical and nursing schools or just to line the pockets of others? The police are now involved. Read More