Creating Citizenship for Wales

The book, and its author: pictured with her husband, a Persian Christian who came to Wales as a refugee

This is an important book. Whatever one’s views on immigration in general, whether for or against, it is a fact of life; a large number of immigrants both from within and outside the UK already live in Wales, and nothing is more certain than the fact that many more will arrive in future. How Wales reacts to their presence will have a vital bearing on the country’s economy and culture for years to come. Read More

A Currency for an Independent Wales – Part 3

The system which is in use across the world today, called ‘fiat currency’, is a sort of hybrid between the Gold Standard and ‘free money’. Despite how much we depend on it in our everyday lives, what it is and where it comes from is not often thought about, and is poorly understood – even, or perhaps especially so, amongst our political class. In this article, I shall do my best to explain it and lead into the next and final part of this short series, namely a proposal for how an independent Wales’s currency should work. Read More

A Currency for an Independent Wales – Part 1

In this post, I shall go through some background, explaining how money went from being based on gold and silver coins which had value in their own right, to being tokens issued by governments representing a share in the nation’s wealth. We’ll see how this led to governments being at the mercy of international banking cartels, dominated by a few fabulously wealthy families (one of which was Welsh). Read More

Lost opportunities – let’s not keep making the same mistake

The Welsh economy can only really prosper with independence. This is the great dilemma of Welsh politics: it’s hard for us to prosper without independence, and yet independence is hard to achieve without a measure of prosperity beyond where we are today. Hence it’s in the Unionists’ interest to keep us poor for as long as they can.  The only way to break this vicious circle is to throw out the Labour Party and elect a Welsh government which is serious about independence, serious about economic growth, and has the nous, experience and determination to do what’s needed. Read More