2021 Mustn’t Be A Repeat of 2007

Architect's drawing of the Senedd Building; completed in February 2006, the Assembly elected in 2007 was the first to occupy it for the whole term. Image credit: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

In Welsh politics, it seems that the one constant is the immovable dominance of the Labour Party. Yet in Scotland, where Labour were once every bit as dominant as in Wales, they are now almost vanquished as a political force. When, and why, did the two country’s paths diverge so much? Read More

Reckless Sparks Welsh Revolt

Wexit is the logical end game of Brexit.....

BREXIT party activists in Wales are in open revolt against their party leader’s wish to abolish Y Senedd. They are now to hold an on-line poll amongst their members to decide to which pro-Senedd party they should now switch their support. Read More

A Two-Capital Nation

Montenegro, a nation with two capitals, an 'official' capital and an 'honorary' capital. An example for Wales to consider

One transformative policy of ours is to seek a more de-centralized Wales

To re-balance political and cultural power in Wales to better reflect the nature of life in this nation. Read More