Tactical Voting for 2021

Independence brewing, with the launch of a second Indy party, Independence for Scotland Party (ISP)

A second independence party in Scotland offers the prospect of a complete wipe-out of Unionist parties if SNP supporters lend them their list votes. Could the same thing happen in Wales in regions where Plaid Cymru are strong? Read More

Brynglas Repeats Itself

The only answer to Boris Johnson and his type; a Gwlad activist places a much more purposeful message over the 'England Expects' monument on Nelson's column near Pont Menai.

BRWYDR Brynglas(1402), was a pivotal point in Owain Glyndwr’s fight for Welsh Independence. Now a new Battle of Brynglas is upon us with UK prime minister Boris Johnson threatening to by-pass Y Senedd completely and build a new M4 relief road around Newport. Read More