Corrupting the Innocence of Children

Five thousand parents are bringing action against the Welsh Government on account of the new sex education to be introduced here in September.

This sex and relational education has already been introduced in Scotland, with many parents there complaining bitterly about some of the content it contains.

With Wales set to follow suit in September, a group of parents and grandparents here hope to hold a judicial review on it over the summer.

The organisation ‘Public Child Protection Wales’ (PCPW)  has commissioned the barrister Paul Diamond to submit papers to the High Court in Cardiff to remove the compulsory element in the schemes.

Kim Isherwood from Port Talbot, who leads the group, said the new education – part of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021 – was being delivered without parents and the public fully realising what’s in it.

‘We’re not against  age-relevant sex education, but this will be imposed on children from 3 to 16, and furthermore, it will be incorporated into every single subject across
the curriculum’ she said.

‘Worse, parents will not be allowed to remove their children from these lessons, nor will they be informed about the content of the lessons’.

She added that  the group’s big concern was that toddlers would be sexualised prematurely, instead of being taught.

‘This will play with children’s emotions and create needless confusion’ she said.

Time will tell what will be in the lessons in Wales, but in Scotland, there are reports that the lessons encourage children as young as 4 to change their gender, without their parents consent.

It seems children of this age are also being regarded as ‘sexual beings’ and to be taught about masturbation and alternative forms of sex as well.

A Gwlad spokesman said the lack of full and transparent consultation with parents on the issue was a fundamental weakness from the outset.

‘Once again, we see our political leaders ramming something onto us without proper public consultation, and this is a persistent malaise in Wales’ he said.

He added that if the reports from Scotland are accurate, the inclusion of the new sex education will come as a great shock to a great many people here.

‘Most of us would agree that the innocence of children is something to be  treasured and protected above all’ he said

‘Whatever happens with the court case, what happens to children is of exceptional importance to us as a society, and we deserve to have a fuller discussion about the implications of all this’.

What’s most troubling about all this is the fact that this new sex education is not an organic development from within Wales at all.

Rather, it is an agenda being pushed onto individual countries by bodies such as the WHO and UNESCO.

For whatever reason, they seem to have an agenda of reducing the responsibility that parents have for their children, and instead transferring it to the state.

History teaches us to be very vigilant when a State claims children for itself, above the rights of parents.

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