8 Point Indy Lead in Scotland

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A REMARKABLE new poll in Scotland has shown that YES for Independence is now on 54%.

The Panelbase poll, which appeared in the Scottish press on Sunday, records the highest ever percentage share shown for YES.

With NO on 46%, this would be a complete reversal of the first indy referendum in 2014(55% No, 45%YES).

It would seem to suggest that the mood for independence in Scotland is now growing beyond the SNP itself.

Which is very encouraging because the SNP haven’t been without their own internal difficulties of late, with the falling out over the Alex Salmond court case and the like, and growing tensions amongst the membership.

It could also bear out the theory that independence more often than not comes about as a result of the collapse in authority/trust of the ruling country more than anything else.

As has most certainly been the case with the UK’s handling of the whole corona virus saga over these past few months.

The news from Scotland is also encouraging for us in Wales. And an additional fillip for YES Cymru, who have now got 5,000 signed-up members.

5,000 individuals who will hopefully cast their two votes for one or more pro-indy parties at the Senedd Election next May.

And persuade many of their friends and acquaintances to do the same.

Even so, having a surge of new members on board all of a sudden does have its own dangers for YES Cymru.

The last thing that they need as a broad based movement, is a trojan-horse like infiltration of people with other agendas in mind.

With the woke left running amok in England at present, one has to hope that this mentality doesn’t take hold within YES Cymru as well.

This is a big moment for the chair, Sion Jobbins, and his authority as their lead officer.

He has to put his foot down and insist that Independence alone is its single raison d’etre as a movement.

Able to attract everyone from across the political spectrum to coalesce around that central idea.

And that it can’t and won’t be manipulated to promote the particular hobby-horses of certain people.

The Welsh public, wanting reassurance that Independence can be a sensible and rational development for Wales, will be watching carefully.

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