A Leader Dancing on Thin Ice

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THERE’s nothing that riles people more than flagrant hypocrisy amongst the political class.

And yesterday (Monday) this particular grievance erupted here in Wales as well.

At Mark Drakeford’s daily briefing he announced he would have to consider bringing in more Covid restrictions if people were not careful about indiscriminate mixing in indoor settings.

This on the very day when his Covid passport was rolled out to cinemas, theatres and concerts.

But the whole narrative then fell apart when footage emerged of a dancing Mark Drakeford, mixing at very close quarters in a Diwali celebration at Cardiff over the weekend.

Cavorting around with dozens of people around him, seemingly without a care in the world and certainly no distancing in sight at all.

In normal times, such images would have served to humanise Mr. Drakeford, who more often than not comes over as quite dour and puritan in his whole approach.

But in view of his dire warnings to people to mind their social behaviour earlier in the day, this dancing episode has proved to be a PR disaster no less.

A spokesperson for Gwlad said the whole timing made it a particularly maddening example of ‘rules for thee but not for me’ once again amongst the political class.

‘Yesterday saw the extension of a modern day version of the Welsh Not, when up to 25% of the Welsh population are to be excluded from society simply because they seek personal autonomy over their own medical choices’ he said.

‘If that was not bad enough in itself, we then had a warning that the vaccine passport and restrictions could be extended yet further if large social mixing continues indoors’

‘But then we see the architect of the policy ignoring his own policy completely by maxing up the mixing big time’.

He added that Mark Drakeford, for all his carefully cultivated image of a leader who walked the talk, was now dancing on very thin ice.

‘He’s been very lucky to have had a supine Welsh media on his side over the past 20 months, and little real political accountability.’

‘This time however, he might be found wanting in the court of Welsh public opinion.’

2 thoughts on “A Leader Dancing on Thin Ice

  1. “This time however, he might be found wanting in the court of Welsh public opinion.” says a Gwlad spokesman. I wish. More likely he will be forgiven or forgotten by his public and by the Bay community, both his own party and those who prop up his regime and those who purport to oppose. The level of indifference out among the public is palpable mainly because many of them are “getting away with something”. It’s a bit like shouting “foul, ref” but forgetting about it after the match. That is part of the culture that needs changing but how ?

  2. Just a complete hypocrite and moral degenerate. Let us not forget it was this man who banned people from buying clothing last winter, during the coldest months of the year.

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