A Nation That’s Not Allowed

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YESTERDAY, we drew attention to the growing mutiny in England in response to the new ‘no more than 6 people together’ directive.

Another interesting development there is the call for a new Constitutional Convention for England.

The Convention would consider a Parliament for England and how to move power from London to various English regions.

This development comes hot on the heels of of an astonishing YouGov survey in July last year, which showed that 70% of people in England now consider themselves more English than British.

One of the leading figures behind the movement is former Labour politician John Denham, now an academic at Southampton University.

Denham has dared to lift the lid on one of the most puzzling elements in the life of England, and one which is at the root of many of its problems.

That is, that the people who identify as English are not in general the people who are in power in England.

He says that it is, rather, the 11% who identify as British not English, who call all the shots.

These include left-wing cultural theorists, the media commentariat, Whitehall technocrats and politicians.

All these people’s power and status are all tied up with denying that England really exists.

Hence the constant referrals to Englishness as imperialist, xenophobic and racist, in order to denigrate the concept and keep their hands on power.

Denham’s analysis about this schizophrenic nature of England – with its ruling class seeing and pursuing a completely different reality to the majority of its population – is of course, ignored by his own party.

And by all the other establishment parties at Westminster.

But, with the growth of the Independence for England movement, and the emergence of new parties like the English Democrats, this issue can no longer be swept under the carpet.

A desire for Independence is no longer the preserve of Wales and Scotland.

The people of England also need to be freed from the 11% who dominate over us all on these isles.

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