A New Chapter for Wales

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AS 2021 gets under way, a whole new chapter is now beginning for Wales.

At long last, the four and a half year battle over Brexit has finally been resolved with the UK officially leaving the EU.

And it seems very apt that this new whole new beginning will also be marked by a national election in Wales in May.

Because the nation needs to quickly adjust to the new post-Brexit realities and let go of the battles of the past.

Too much time and energy was wasted here in trying to overturn the outcome of the referendum in 2016 – especially in view of the fact that Wales voted to leave the EU.

It will be interesting to see how the voters of Wales will respond in May, and whether there will be a desire to punish those parties who tried so hard to subvert the referendum result.

They do say that voters have very long memories, and the only question is whether present day realities may overshadow those sentiments.

By May, there may well be practical difficulties emerging from the new trading agreement drawn up with the EU.

And there is every likelihood that coronavirus will still throw a very long shadow over everything.

So much so that the election could be more or less a ‘virtual’ election, with none of the usual canvassing and hustings allowed.

With all the campaigning having to happen on social media, along with written literature sent to people’s homes, supplemented by TV and radio debates.

‘It looks like it’s going to be a very different election, but perhaps that will help new parties like ourselves’ said Gwlad leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘We know we have the policies and the new ideas all ready to go, and we’ve got an excellent communications team that can present these messages in everyday language that people can relate to’.

Mr Evans said the post-Brexit environment was an ideal scenario for a new party like GWLAD to make a real impression.

‘It is a brand new chapter in Wales’s story and we therefore need new faces to shape the story from now on’.

‘We’re not tainted by strategically bad political positioning in the past, and we can place our attentions entirely on what’s facing us right now.’

Both Labour and Plaid look to be preparing a ‘presidential’ election, dominated by Mark Drakeford and Adam Price.

Only time will tell if such a concept will appeal to the people of Wales who don’t usually like to place individuals on such a pedestal.

Without that type of coverage, the new Indy parties will have to depend on tightly scripted messages and ideas.

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