A New “Vote Leave” In Town

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THE CURRENT chaos at No. 10 Downing Street is an apt metaphor right now for the breakdown of the UK state itself.

Boris Johnson’s tangled love life has come back to haunt him with his current live-in lover, Carrie Symonds embroiled in a bizarre war of words with other government advisors.
With his erratic handling of the coronavirus, and increasing resistance in England about their new month-long lockdown as well, Johnson’s premiership is on the line already.

With much, much more than his own premiership also slipping away it would appear.

Gwyn Wigley Evans, Gwlad’s leader said it was another shambolic episode, which further exposed the rottenness at the heart of the Westminster bubble.

‘I do not remember anyone voting for Ms Symonds, but she’s now calling the shots and wanting to formulate policies as well’ he said.

‘I feel sorry for my English friends stuck with these incompetent clowns in charge’.

‘But I feel sorrier for us here in Wales since at the moment, we refuse to take our destiny into our own hands because it might bring on some hard times.’

‘How bad does it need to get before we do anything about it? ‘

Wales’s disillusionment with the circus of Westminster is increasingly shared with others on these isles.

As witnessed by the recent launch of a new independence party for Northumbria called the Northern Independence Party, who say that the UK is now’ irredeemable’ and must be broken up.

They are calling for a referendum for Independence for the north, an area of some 15 million people with an economy the size of Sweden.

The party say they have been overwhelmed with enquiries from people since their launch, and will publish a manifesto early in the new year

The NIP have some really interesting ideas such as outlining a new 4-capital model for the North, with Liverpool as a cultural capital, Manchester as a finance capital, York as a legislative capital and Durham as a judicial capital.

This is similar to Gwlad’s proposal to balance powers in an independent Wales, with a new three capital model for the nation: Llandudno (executive), Aberystwyth (legislative) and Cardiff (judicial and financial).

It’s very telling that the new party will have no truck with ‘federalism’ as such, and that they insist that independence is the only way to free the North from the clutches of Westminster.

‘Only independence will do’ say the party.

‘We demand the right to run our affairs and control our assets, land and borders for we know what’ s best for our country, what is best for our economy, and what is best for our future’.

All we can say is, Amen to all that!

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