A Return To His Roots

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A CURIOUS fact about the upcoming Senedd Election is that EU nationals can stil stand as candidates here.

So, even after Brexit, an individual from any of the 27 remaining nations within the EU can put their name forward for a Welsh constituency in May.

It seems quite an anomaly after leaving the EU on December 31st, but that proviso is still in place on the Electoral Commission website.

With the range of possible candidates being so wide from amidst a union which Wales has actually left, you could have a situation where people with no connection or love of Wales at all may stand.

As a counter-point to that, Gwlad have turned to a passionate member of the London Welsh community to represent them in one constituency at the May Election.

Laurence Williams, a third generation member of the Welsh community in London, will stand for the party in Monmouth.

‘One of my passions is to make Welsh youngsters more aware of their culture and history’ said Mr Williams, who is an engineer by trade.

‘My great grandfather moved our family from Wales to London in 1886. Now, in reverse, I return to Cymru with Gwlad to reawaken the Celtic spirit there’.

Mr. Williams is a very experienced political campaigner, having taken part in local, GE and Euro Elections since 1990.

‘I’m like a Welsh border collie in that I never know when to stop – quite apt in a way since I’m standing in what is a border constituency’.

‘Hopefully, I can put all this experience gained over these past years to use in this upcoming election.’

Mr. Williams says that Gwladism will seek to combine national sentiment with real world pragmatism.

‘Gwladism is that good feeling we get when we sing the national anthem which features Gwlad 5 times. The same feeling applies to our politics – it’s all about Wales, not Westminster’!’ he said.

‘But we are also pragmatists – coming up with good and practical solutions to real problems that Wales faces right now’.

It remains to be seen whether anyone from the 27 remaining nations within the EU will actually put their names forward for the Senedd Election in May.

But a love for and passion for Wales should be the pre-requisite qualification for anyone.

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