A Second Vote For a Nation

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USE YOUR second vote tomorrow as a vote for the Welsh National Interest.

That’s the eve of poll message from Gwlad to the electors as they weigh up their voting options for the next Senedd term.

The Welsh Independence Party are asking people in particular for their second vote in the five Welsh regions to increase nationalist representation at Y Senedd.

‘At a time when Westminster seems hell bent on interfering more and more in our affairs, it’ s more important than ever for Wales to have a second nationalist party at the Senedd to resist all this’ said party leader Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘Plaid can’t carry this load all by themselves, and this is where we can come in to fortify the situation’.

Mr. Evans said that second votes in all regions were important, but especially so in Mid and West and North Wales.

‘With Plaid looking set to take Llanelli this time as well, it’s unlikely therefore they will get any List Seats in the region. So it makes sense for Indy supporting electors there to vote for Gwlad with their second vote.’

‘It’s the same in North Wales because if Plaid take Aberconwy this time, they are again unlikely to gain a List seat. So it’s about using that second vote strategically for the national interest’

As the party have opted not to challenge Plaid in the constituencies they already hold, the hope is that Plaid supporters will be more amenable to give their second vote to a second nationalist party.

But Gwlad are also hoping to gain the second votes of those voters who usually vote Tory, Labour, Lib Dems etc, but who still have a heart for Wales as a nation.

‘We all know that these three old parties are as popular as a case of the runs at the moment-  and we really think there’s an opportunity to start to wean voters away from them by asking for that second vote’ added Mr Evans.

‘It should be seen as a vote for Wales, and the Welsh National Interest in general, over and above any one single party’.

‘We also feel that voters could be tempted to give some ordinary people with a range of life and business experiences a chance, seeing that career politicians are so universally unpopular these days’.

Ten Reasons to vote for Gwlad:

  • For a Sovereign Welsh State
  • A Citizens Income for all Adults
  • A fair and simple flat tax system
  • Investment in road and rail connections across Wales
  • Unlocking Wales’s Renewable Energy potential
  • A 500% council tax surcharge on second homes
  • Prioritising housing for local people
  • A working countryside
  • An Education Curriculum which teaches Wales’s national history but also prioritises technical and vocational education
  • Sharing political power across Wales in different locations

Whatever happens tomorrow, an appeal to the Welsh national interest allied to the nation’s age old small ‘c’ conservative outlook is a formula which can only grow and develop in the years to come.

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