BREXIT might just help us give Wales Independence

GWLAD GWLAD has one primary objective, the fight for Independence for Wales, for a totally independent sovereign state and the right to run our own country.

We recognize the democratic vote across all the Welsh constituencies three years ago was for Brexit, however as a nation we have not debated whether we want to be part of the EU as a sovereign power.

This should be our decision, not Westminster, but Wales, a stand-alone nation with powerful communities deciding their own destinies with a ‘bottom up’ approach and a devolved government with local people addressing local needs

We are constantly sold short by the UK government, they are not listening to Wales at all, however this turmoil provides an opportunity to build on the civic pride, social inclusion, solidarity and working together, which comes naturally to our innovative and rich small country.

Whilst we respect our English, Scottish, and Irish neighbours, we believe that good relations are best fostered and maintained by the respect that only a free and equal Wales can command which is not available in the London government dominated by England.  Little Malta has equal power to big Germany in Europe, it can be done.

We have radical, pragmatic solutions to the economic and social issues facing           contemporary Wales, policies based on the benefit to Wales – not on ideology.

Scotland will have a referendum and could leave the UK and we should hold our own referendum and then decide to re enter the EU, or not, allowing us to boost our economy from our vast natural resources, water, green energy, multi-national high-tech business – the proceeds of which are currently syphoned out of the economy, our decisions by us, for our benefit.


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