Building Up The Defence

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WITH election season almost upon us, it’s clear there will be more ‘interest’ shown in Wales this time round than ever before.

There were two stories about Wales in the UK media today, which indicate what the powers that be are cooking up right now.

The Daily Telegraph ran with a story that Wales was going to ‘ban’ English visitors during Easter.

Whilst the Sun splashed with a story that First Minister Mark Drakeford was considering a curfew for men after 6.00 PM here following the abduction and murder of a young woman in London.

The stories were nicely co-ordinated by the two media groups – but both were completely disingenuous.

As England won’t consider opening up movement within its own borders until April 12, there’s no question of people even thinking about coming to Wales at present.

And the Sun, being the Sun, managed to sensationalise a fairly generic comment by the First Minister into a definite commitment to a curfew.

It looks like the dark forces of the British state are mobilising their sock puppets in the media to trash Wales in a concerted fashion right now.

With an intention to discredit and undermine the growing calls for Independence, both within and without.

That’s why it’s even more relevant and important than ever that Wales now has a second independence party in the form of Gwlad.

In simple terms, you could look at it as a form of bolstering the defence, in the wake of this growing assault on Welsh identity and Welsh aspirations.

And as any football manager would tell you, having a good defence is a precondition for any ultimate success.

Wales needs more than one independence party to be able to mobilise a resilient defence of the Welsh National interest.

We also welcome Propel on board as a third independence party for this purpose.

Gwlad’s crowdfunder towards the costs of the Senedd Election has already gone 80% beyond our initial target.

This has helped us towards having 13 constituency candidates and 20 List candidates in place for the election, in addition to accumulated savings and donations from our members.

But there’s still a couple of days left if people would like to contribute towards it, thus helping our efforts in the election.

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said any further contributions could help the party get its core messages out to the general public over the next couple of months.

With three headline policies being presented for the election.

‘Our main headline policy is a clear commitment to tackle the second homes crisis and general housing shambles that people have to put up with in Wales right now’ said Mr. Evans.

‘The second is a Citizen’s Income which will provide a safety net for all, and encourage a more entrepreneurial mindset here on the back of having some financial security in place.’

‘The third is Independence=Normality, the state of affairs that we are aiming for ultimately for Wales’.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the Crowdfunder can do so until 12.00 noon on Monday, March 15 by going to

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