Call for a May Plebiscite Vote

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A NEW Scottish party is calling for this year’s Holyrood election to be a plebiscite vote on independence.

On Sunday, PM Boris Johnson said Scotland would have to wait a generation for another independence referendum (until 2055).

But, the newly formed ISP (Independence for Scotland Party) have responded by calling for the upcoming Scottish election to be a plebiscite vote on independence.

They have organised a nationwide petition calling on the SNP government to make this May’s contest into such an election.

A plebiscite election is an internationally recognised device to gain independence from dominant partners who refuse to accept electoral mandates for a referendum.

In Scotland’s case, it would mean that should there be a majority vote for independence-supporting parties in May, that would then be used to negotiate their terms of independence from the UK.

Thousands of people have already signed the petition arranged by the ISP, who are looking to contest all 56 List Seats at the Election.

A spokesperson for Gwlad said it was an interesting move, which could well have repercussions here in Wales as well.

He said there was a feeling within the national movement in Scotland that Nicola Sturgeon had been dragging her heels on the Independence issue for years, and growing frustrations with her insistence that Westminster had to grant a section 30 agreement for such a referendum to take place.

‘It might well be the case that pressure will need to be brought from elsewhere within the national movement, and it shows the benefit of having a second national party in place to be able to do this’ he said.

He added that a plebiscite election of this nature would most likely be easier to win than a polarizing referendum, even if such a referendum was ever to be granted by Westminster.

He added that should it come to pass, it could be used as a blueprint for Wales itself, and something to emulate at the next Senedd Election in 2026.

‘After all, most small nations in recent times have actually won independence by means of votes within their national parliaments.’

‘For all the talk of referendums, these have been more of a rarity when it comes to gaining independence’.

It remains to be seen whether the SNP will pay any attention to the calls for a plebiscite election on independence.

But whatever happens, that has to be Scotland’s call.

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