Cops Break Up Church Service

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RIOT police have been deployed to break up a church service in Cardiff.

The Police ordered the 36 worshippers at New Hope Community Church in Llanrumney to leave the building on Sunday evening.

The church pastor Wade McLennan said all measures had been taken to ensure the safety of all concerned, including taking the worshippers’ temperatures as they entered the building.

They had decided to meet as a congregation even though churches have been forbidden to meet for three consecutive Sundays as part of Welsh Labour’s latest lockdown measures.

‘It’s just incredible that it’s now illegal in Wales to come together to worship our God’ said Pastor McLennan.

The Police had been informed by someone who phoned up to complain that an event was taking place at the church.

After turning up in a riot van, the Police then entered the church and told all the worshippers to leave and go home.

One of the worshippers who did not want to be named said it was a horrifying experience all round.

‘This is what they do in communist China – break-up church meetings and it’s so scary to see this now happening here in Wales’ she said.

Pastor Mc Lennan said he was now in consultations regarding taking legal action against the imposition of the worship ban.

It does seem very curious that we have found ourselves in a situation where it is deemed ‘safe’ for people to enter supermarkets but ‘unsafe’ for them to enter a place of worship here.

Especially in view of Wales long faith tradition which reaches back 1,500 years.

And didn’t someone also once say that ‘man can not live on bread alone’?

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