Dark side of Indy movement

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ONE unmistakeable figure in the Indy Rallies held of late has been Mr Flag of Swansea.

Professional flag designer Charles Ashbourne and his collection of colourful flags, has proudly led the marchers in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr.

Now though Mr Flag is the latest to feel the vicious bile of the Twitter mob – and sadly some online Welsh Indy supporters have been leading the charge.

His offence? To be selling the Union Jack as part of his business.

GWLAD has no love at all for the butchers apron – associated with such barbarity and violence by the UK state over so many centuries.

But such attacks on an individual, who is merely selling these flags as part of his business is wrong and totally counterproductive.

Especially in these trying times where small businesses all over Wales are facing financial ruin right now.

There is unfortunately a puritanical streak amongst some sections of the Indy movement. Where ideology is all.

This in an age where most people have really no time for ideological purity, be that on the left or the right.

The last thing anyone would want in an Independent Wales is to see a return of a form of ‘Calvinism’ in a modern, secular guise.

With individuals branded as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people based on their personal beliefs.

Let’s hope Mr Flag can rise above these attacks upon him and continue to play his part in the Indy rallies when they eventually resume.

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