Day of Scrutiny Arrives

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TWO years of hard work has led to the biggest day of public scrutiny yet for Wales’s new Independence Party.

Gwlad will launch their election manifesto at 12.00 today, with a presentation by party leader Gwyn Wigley Evans followed by questions from media commentators and bloggers.

The party’s Welsh and English party political broadcasts are also to be aired on ITV, S4C and BBC Wales tonight.

And the party will also participate in a Wales Online debate with the newer parties at 7.30 tonight.

‘It’s a great feeling to see our name –  “Gwlad – The Welsh Independence Party” – proudly appearing in a prominent position on the ballot papers for the first time’ said a Party Spokesperson.

‘Alongside our striking party logo of the phoenix – representing a nation arising to take its rightful place in the world at last’.

He added that two years of hard work had gone into the work of establishing the new independence party, setting up a party website and news service and formulating the manifesto for the election.

‘We’ve gone under the radar for quite some time, but our target was always this election, and as such, we think that this is the time that the Welsh public will finally get to hear about our message’.

‘The manifesto is based on preparing Wales for Independence – and it’s a practical and down to earth set of proposals, so that we can take the people of Wales along with us on this journey.’

‘This is an election like no other, so it’s hard to judge how things will go.’

‘But whatever happens, having a second independence party in the form of Gwlad at this Election has boosted the Independence cause, and also provided more choice for all those voters wanting real change for Wales.’

The party are contesting 14 constituency seats in various parts of Wales and they have a full slate of 21 candidates on the Regional Vote.

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