‘Diversity’ Bites at Welsh HQ

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THE BBC have decided to slash 60 jobs at its new HQ in Cardiff, as part of its ‘diversity’ drive.

The corporation, oblivious to the fact that its viewing figures are plummeting, have now decided to spend £100 million to promote its diversity agenda.

And Wales is the first place to feel the pinch, with this re-distribution of internal funds seeing 6% of staff at BBC Wales losing their jobs.

Perhaps it will come as a shock for many to know that as many as a 1,000 people work at the gleaming new headquarters near Cardiff railway station, named ‘Talfan Towers’ by locals.

A sarcastic reference to controller Rhodri Talfan Davies, who comes from a long line of Talfans who have ruled the roost at BBC Wales over the years.

Perhaps many would question the need for such an empire, considering that BBC Wales’s service to Wales as a nation is so poor in general.

And which is further proof of the need for a brand new national broadcasting service, shorn of the obsession with Britishness and its symbols that so dominate the BBC’s thinking in Wales.

But, in the meantime, it rankles that Wales is so obviously at the bottom of the BBC’s ‘diversity’ mentality right now.

And it’s just an insult to people’s intelligence for the BBC to claim that the job losses in Cardiff are all down to the corona virus.

We know that the corona virus hype has fried people’s brains here over the past few months.

But surely people are not going to swallow that one?!

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