Fans Taken For a Ride Again

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THERE are fears that Wales’ home rugby games this autumn could be held in England.

The WRU are negotiating with a number of venues in London, to stage the 3 Welsh ‘home’ games in a new look 8 nations tournament.

The Principality Stadium will not be available having been converted into a Calon Y Ddraig hospital centre at the peak of the corona virus saga.

And as large-scale sporting events are not allowed in Wales at present, the WRU are discussing moving the games to London, with Twickenham and the Tottenham Hotspur stadiums under consideration.

Wales could, in theory then, play England in a ‘home’ game at Twickenham itself on November 28!

GWLAD leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans said it was another perfect example of the WRU putting their own selfish, commercial interests ahead of the interests of fans in Wales.

‘Have they considered asking the fans what they think about all this? Of course not’ said Mr. Evans.

‘There’s probably a matey backroom deal here between some of the leading lights of the RFU and their mates in the WRU – and that’s the bottom line as ever’ he said.

‘Why should we support an organisation that wants to export our games to England, and expect Welsh fans to travel further and put money into England’s economy?’.

The WRU anticipate that Twickenham for example could hold 40,000 supporters, with Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium providing 30,000 places (both at half-capacity).

But Mr Evans warned that England could well be facing another lockdown as the peak flu season starts in November – derailing the WRU’s plans entirely.

He said it would be better for Welsh fans, and more sensible overall, to plan on holding smaller-scale games in Wales itself, at Parc y Scarlets, the Liberty Stadium, and even the Racecourse at Wrexham.

‘What about putting the fans first for once, and allowing people in the Llanelli, Swansea and Wrexham areas to watch the national team on their own turf?’ he said.

‘Yes, the capacities at these stadiums would be much less, and the revenue would be reduced – but such a move would be tremendously well received.’

‘Let’s not forget that our economy is in a sorry state at present, and money is very tight for everyone. Encouraging local spending makes much more sense all round, and rugby should be no different’ .

In the new 8 nations tournament, which starts in November, Wales are scheduled to play Georgia, Ireland and England, with one possible additional game lined up if they win the group.

One thought on “Fans Taken For a Ride Again

  1. Better still knock the entire “autumn programme” on the head. I can cope without rugby for a while and can certainly manage without the yob culture that goes with international days in Cardiff and elsewhere. You just can’t expect pissed up fans to maintain any kind of social distancing, just doesn’t enter their stupid heads.

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