Fight is on for the future of a new independent Welsh sovereign state

A brand new all Wales political party is fielding candidates in key constituencies in next month’s general election – fighting for the future of an independent Wales.

GWLAD has condemned Plaid Cymru for pulling out of the running in these key seats – Cardiff Central, Vale of Glamorgan, and Montgomery – leaving voters without the option to vote for independence.

“We believe the future of Wales is by standing alone as a sovereign state, running our own affairs for the people of Wales to make their own future free from Whitehall,” said leader Gwyn Wigley Evans.

And a radical manifesto majors on creating an independent sovereign state for Wales, with a new Citizens Income, a simple Flat Tax system, making more of the country’s renewable energy and land resources, improving transport links and prioritising housing for local people.

“We understand that Plaid has made way for the other parties in the attempt to ensure the strongest opposition to the Tories, but the fact remains that we believe in an independent Wales and that our people deserve the right to vote for a new future,” said Mr. Evans.

“But the pragmatism that is forcing these other organisations to work together for the time being, means that in the meantime the people are not being given the opportunity to make their voice heard, until now,” he said.

“We already have more than 2000 followers and welcome everyone who believes Wales can once again become an important self-governing nation, profiting from our industry, our skills and most importantly our people, who are some of the most dynamic and innovative in the world,” he said.

“And we expect that, based on our feedback so far, most of our votes will come from the English speaking Valleys, where successive Welsh and UK Governments have decimated the livelihoods of generations”

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