Food from the countryside for a thriving Welsh rural economy

The primary purpose of Welsh agriculture is the production of food to the highest environmental and welfare standards, that’s the message from the UK’s newest  political party campaigning for Welsh Independence, GWLAD GWLAD.

“We reject the view that food production should be subservient to management of the rural landscape for the benefit of visitors and incomers,” said party leader Gwyn Wigley Evans.

“On the contrary, we believe in the promotion of a thriving rural economy providing high-value opportunities for those who live and work in it,” said Mr Evans.

“We oppose the wholesale planting of vast tracts of trees, taking out complete farms and mountains, but we support planting of native trees for environmental benefit, shelter belts, nature corridors, and flooding control”.

GWLAD promotes Welsh agricultural produce and wants to see ‘Brand Cymru’ being used consistently for Welsh products, giving traceability to encourage food produced in Wales being processed in Wales – adding as much value as possible as close to the source as possible.

“To this end we seek to create a single Welsh ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food responsible for the whole process ‘from gate to plate’, said Mr Evans.

Key proposals

  • The UK government should negotiate tariff free access in both directions with Europe.
  • Trade deals agreed with other countries, food imported into the UK and on to Wales must be of the same standard environmentally and ethically, GM free, hormone free, products.
  • A call for the immediate setting up of a veterinary school in Wales.
  • Promotion of of colleges and lifelong learning to support young entrants and newcomers, teaching traditional methods and innovative practices.
  • Actively promote the share farming scheme, allowing opportunity for new entrants without the capital to buy and helping to reduce the average age of active farmers.

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