Freedom Takes A New Urgency

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FEARS about state overreach enabled by lockdowns reached a new peak over the past weekend.

With the sight of the strong-armed methods used by the Metropolitan Police to disrupt a vigil to commemorate the murder of a young woman at the hands of one of their own, shocking everyone.

And if that was not bad enough, politicians in Westminster today are discussing giving the Police even more draconian powers, including the right to ban all public protests in future.

The Police Powers Bill, introduced by the Tories includes a clause which enables the Police to ban any protest which could create a public ‘annoyance’ or ‘nuisance’.

With an imprisonment term of up to ten years for those found to contravene this clause.

Gwlad’s Communications Officer, Aled Gwyn Job said the bill was just absolutely chilling and yet another pressing reason for Wales to seek independence.

‘Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression are non-negotiables for us as a party’ he said.

‘We believe these are key components of the essence of Welshness, summed up by the proverb: ‘Rhydd i bawb ei farn ac i bob barn ei llafar’. [‘Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and every opinion may be spoken’].

‘With Westminster now wanting to squash some of these principles entirely, it just goes to show yet again the urgency for Welsh Independence’.

It’s a particularly troubling thought that if this bill is passed, it could be used to ban future YesCymru marches which so many had been keenly anticipating after the present year-long delay.

After all, the sheer numbers expected for the next set of marches could easily be termed a ‘nuisance’ or ‘annoyance’ to some.

And who exactly gets to define what constitutes a ‘nuisance’ or ‘annoyance’ for the public?

It’s frightening to see how the UK is like some huge petri dish right now for more and more authoritarianism.

Perhaps those who have been such stout defenders of lockdowns might well now be having some second thoughts about it all.

Having gained such powers over all our lives, with so little pushback, has only encouraged the UK state to want more and more power over us all .

Why wouldn’t they think that they could now even introduce a ban on the fundamental human right to protest?

It would be good to see ordinary people all over the UK saying enough is enough, rising up to say no to this authoritarian government.

If that fails, at least we’ve got the lifeboat of Independence to get away from them.

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