Globalism v. Nationalism

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THE most important American election in recent times will take place today (November 3).

In one sense, this election could be seen as a parody of that stunning US film ‘No Country for Old Men’ bearing in mind that one of the protagonists is 77 (Joe Biden) and the other is 73 (Donald Trump).

And some would say that America is a parody of itself in a way with its excessiveness, its materialism and its divisiveness.

Even so, there’s no denying that there is an existential choice between two worldviews to be made in America today, with the results of that choice likely to reverberate throughout the Western world.

Standing in the Globalists’ corner, and their push for a one world government, is Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Biden could be fairly described as one of the worst candidates ever to stand for Election as US President.

A career politician with 47 years in the US Senate, he’s run a totally negative and uninspiring campaign, basically predicated on the fact that ‘I’m not Donald Trump’.

Some have serious concerns that he has demonstrated signs of early dementia with a series of verbal gaffes and stumbles during the campaign including the legendary ‘My name is Joe Biden, and I’m supporting Trump for President’.

Others suspect that he is merely being used by the Democrats as a Trojan horse, so that the radical left candidate Kamala Harris can replace him within months of taking office should he win.

But, the Democrats are hoping that voters will overlook Biden’s obvious limitations as a politician and vote for change after what has been a tumultuous year, with coronavirus, the BLM protests and the subsequent rioting affecting the whole of America.

And with the election taking place In such unprecedented circumstances this year, maybe that message of America as a failed and shameful project is indeed is going to be their secret weapon at the polls.

Standing in the nationalist corner is sitting President Donald J Trump.

Trump has spent four years being demonised and castigated by the mass media, leading to that very infectious condition known as ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

Which seems to amount to people complaining that Trump’s personality and his blunt and abrasive style of talking ‘hurts their feelings’.

With this obsession about his personality being much more important in many people’s eyes than any of his policies.

As the mainstream media are 93% against him in the States, the sad truth is that many of his real achievements as President have been deliberately ignored or downplayed.

Such as the fact that he’s been the first US President in 50 years not to take the country to war in his first term.

Closely linked to the fact that America is now energy independent, negating the need to go to war to plunder other nations’ resources.

Then there’s his ‘First Step Act,’ reforming the penal system and allowing a new start for many prisoners (90% of those who have availed themselves of this opportunity are black).

His ‘Right to Try’ act has at last taken on Big Pharma, allowing sick patients to try new medical treatments, previously blocked by the all powerful pharmaceutical companies.

And significantly, he’s also signed a number of executive orders to pursue paedophiles and sex traffickers all over the world – more than any other previous President.

The polls of course have showed Biden going into the election with a ten point national lead.

But, as recent events have shown, such polls need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

With America being in such a fractious state at present, perhaps many people being polled are not wanting to show their hand openly, fearing the consequences.

And the early voting returns actually do paint a very different picture to the polls, especially in what are termed the ‘bellwether’ states- where the election is won and lost in essence.

In the early voting in Florida, the Republicans and Democrats are tied, whilst in Ohio, the Republicans are 6 points ahead.

This is very significant since the Democrats needed to be well ahead at this stage of the voting, bearing in mind that Republicans out-vote them 2 to 1 on election day itself.

Another significant indicator from the early polling is that black and Latino voters are voting for Trump in much higher numbers than has been the case in the past.

It would be highly ironic if, after being branded by the media as a ‘racist’ for 4 years, that votes from these minority groups actually win the day for the President.

Many nationalists here in Wales seem to praying for a Joe Biden win today.

Which is an odd position to take in view of the fact that Donald Trump has really abandoned the traditional ‘democrat’ v ‘republican’ labelling to present himself as an American patriot first and foremost.

This position was outlined in an uncompromising speech he delivered to the United Nations in an address in 2019.

At that meeting, he informed the assembled delegates that America would not be supporting their plan for a one world government.

Rather, that peace, freedom and prosperity for all was best achieved with the preservation of the national sovereignty of individual nations, able to co-operate and work together without losing their national identities.

There is some speculation that the eventual election result will not be known for a few days because of the amount of ‘mail-in’ ballots to be counted this year, and fears that it could even go to the courts for a decision.

Some are even predicting more rioting and violence post-election which could paralyse the nation.

To prevent this, America needs a decisive result, both in the electoral college and the national vote, in order to be able to move forward as a nation.

Let’s hope the general trajectory of the outcome will be clear enough on election night itself tonight.

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