Growing Past the Sneers

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THE sneering face of Westminster towards Wales was perfectly illustrated yesterday by our own Secretary of State.

Simon Hart, Tory MP for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire held nothing back in a twitter response to a Welsh Independence supporter.

‘Good luck with raising the amounts needed. Given the amount of taxpayers and businesses in Wales, there is absolutely zero chance of that being realistic ‘ he tweeted.

Hart seems to be following the master-slave mentality of his predecessor Alun Cairns who once said ‘Wales will never vote for Independence’.

Even so, it was not the diplomatic language one would expect from a senior UK government minister.

He could easily have said. ‘Good luck with that. I will continue to make the case that Wales is better served within the union’.

It was a strange, careless and ill-judged remark by Hart.

But perhaps his dismissive attitude is a sign that the growing Indy momentum is now starting to rattle them at Westminster.

Maybe we have indeed reached the second stage of Gandhi’s famous words. ‘First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win’.

GWLAD’s economic spokesperson Stephen Morris said Hart’s comments made no sense either historically or reality-wise today.

”Wales has been part of the UK since its inception over 300 years ago, and it has been joined to England for even longer than that” said Dr Morris.

“If membership of the UK was ever going to deliver meaningful economic prosperity for Wales, it would have done so by now.”

He added that by every measure, Wales lags significantly behind other smaller European nations of similar or smaller populations.

“Such nations as Iceland, Ireland, Finland and Luxemburg enjoy both higher living standards and faster growth”.

Dr Morris said that both the main unionist parties, Labour and the Conservatives had to answer one crucial question at this stage.

“They need either to explain whether they think this is because the Welsh are an inferior people, incapable of doing what other countries can, or because being part of the union is holding us back.”

“There really are no other possibilities”.

It’s a growing question which can’t be avoided much longer.

2 thoughts on “Growing Past the Sneers

  1. Totally astonished when I read his reply! Is he so scared of what we might achieve that he has to talk down our potential? An independent Wales must terrify him.

  2. What is it about Twitter? Unlike his small, undistinguished and ultimately hapless predecessor, Hart usually seeks to portray himself as consensual and emollient, cordially rising above the routine partisan fray and offering himself as the constructive colleague of all in Wales irrespective of their politics.

    But when he gets on on Twitter, as with others before him, somehow that carefully crafted facade falls away, and you get to see the authentic man!

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