Homes For Locals Demand


A RALLY to highlight the scale of the second homes problem in Wales will take place on Ynys Môn tomorrow (Saturday).

The event, to be held in Llangefni at 11.00, has been organised by the group Gorau i Gymru (Best for Wales).

Representatives from Plaid, GWLAD and YES Ynys Môn will address the rally, with appropriate safety measures also to be arranged by the organisers.

‘We have organised this event to highlight the emergency housing crisis that faces Ynys Môn right now’ said Gorau i Gymru organiser, Rosemary Barry.

‘We have whole swathes of houses now being snapped up as holiday homes, with local people just unable to buy a home in their own communities’.

‘The figures for this year so far show that 36% of all the houses on Ynys Môn were sold as holiday homes, which just goes to show the scale of the problem we are facing here’

Gorau i Gymru was set up as a campaigning group on social media over the summer.

They have created a letter template that concerned individuals can use to express their concerns over the local housing crisis to their elected representatives and public authorities.

Among the group’s recommendations are:

* Local councils should increase council tax charges for second homes.

* A cap of 5% on holiday homes in each community.

* And no more planning permission for further holiday homes on the island.

As a party, GWLAD would like to congratulate Gorau i Gymru for their pro-active approach with the matter, and for taking the debate from an on-line forum into the real world.

‘We’ve been conditioned by the government and media to live in a state of absolute fear and isolation these past few Mônths-but people need to be around other people, to be able to exchange ideas and opinions properly, and this really has to happen around this key issue’ said Aled Gwyn Jôb, GWLAD’s Communications Officer, who will be representing the party at the rally.

He said it was also an opportunity to flag up the party’s proposal to properly tax second homes and link that tax to real action on homes for local people.

‘We want a 500% council tax charge on second homes, with the money raised from that policy used to build homes for local people.’

‘With around 3,000 second homes on Ynys Môn, and an average council tax of £1,600, a sum of circa £6,000 on each one could work out at £18 million a year for the county council’ he said.

He added the council could use this money to build for example a 100 new homes every year, to be sold or rented to local people. Alternatively they could use the money to buy properties on the open market for the same purposes.

‘In this way, excess monies from privileged people who make use of Ynys Môn’s precious resources for holiday purposes, can be redirected to help the real housing needs of the island’ he said.

The Gorau i Gymru rally will take place at 11.00 near the Town Clock in Llangefni tomorrow morning, October 10.

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    1. All too often, people who need the money to afford somewhere else in the local area, or to fund retirement care. Here’s a heartbreaking thread on Twitter, written by the Radio Cymru presenter Aled Hughes, about his parents selling their house in Llanbedrog as a second home (it’s in Welsh, but you can try Google or Bing to translate it):

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