Hopes For New Media Brand

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AFTER a profile raising function on Saturday, more publicity is now on the way for Gwlad.

The party were amongst the sponsors of Saturday’s cricket match between Glamorgan and Durham – the first publicly attended game for two years.

Which saw members, supporters and friends gathering together to enjoy what proved to be a very sunny day at Sophia Gardens.

Now, the plan is to develop a wider public profile for the party by developing our very own media brand.

‘We’re already active on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s now time to take it to the next level’ said a spokesman for the party.

‘We have initiated a discussion about how this new media brand will be financed and sustained.’

The intention is to produce regular media material in both Welsh and English, to include articles, podcasts, videos, interviews and so on.

‘We’re also hoping to film on the ground pieces on relevant subjects in communities the length and breadth of Wales’ he said.

Wales’s profile as a nation is likely to be promoted like never before this year, especially if the Welsh soccer side make it through to the World Cup finals in Qatar in November.

So, it’s an ideal opportunity for a new media brand exploring untapped space in Welsh public life.

‘We all know that mainstream media in Wales, e.g. the BBC, WalesOnline is very woke and left-liberal as a whole’ said the spokesperson.

‘Then you’ve got nation.cymru, Golwg360 and The National which are exactly the same to all intents and purposes.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with that position as such, but when it dominates the whole media landscape, providing no space for different perspectives-you then have a real problem as regards balance and representation.’

‘There’s a definite gap in the market in Wales for coverage which is more grounded, more centrist, more attuned to the views of ordinary people in our communities’.

It is also perhaps a good time to think about launching a new media brand in view of how mainstream media has lost so much credibility of late, especially over the past two years.

Time alone will tell whether the mainstream media can recover their credibility after all this.

But, it’s a reasonable assumption to make that many people will now be looking for information from new, alternative media sources, untainted with any associations with the past.

One thought on “Hopes For New Media Brand

  1. Pam yda chi’n rhwystro y cymry cymraeg rhag ddarllen yr erthygla saesneg?
    Siomedig unwaith eto yw gweld y neges – nid yw’r cofnod hwn ar gael yn y iaith hon eto! – ar al imi pwyso’r bwtwm sy’n dewis darllen yr erthygl yn saesneg!
    Nid yw hyn yn gwneud synnwyr ac mae angen ichi sortio fo allan mor fuan a phosib.

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