Imported Theory of Division

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AMERICA’S Critical Race Theory has officially been imported into Wales.

Both The Welsh Arts Council and the National Museum have been accused of ‘endemic racism’ this week in a report they commissioned themselves to the tune of £59,000.

The report, compiled by the Welsh Anti-Racist Union, said ‘people of colour’ tended to be excluded because of the organisations Welsh language employment procedures.

The report further claimed this took the form of a ‘systemic disregard and exclusion’ of people of colour, in the distribution of funds as well.

Critical Race Theory, which has become such a hot topic in the United States of late, teaches that America is a structurally racist nation, and that all interactions both on a personal and communal level can only be understood through the prism of racism.

Granted, America has a chequered past when it come to racism, but it could be argued that the theory is encouraging a very one-dimensional way of looking at individuals and society, and has only served to polarise a divided nation even further.

Now, it’s shaming and guilt narrative seems to have wormed its way into Welsh public life.

With two of the nation’s leading cultural organisations being branded as racist in this way, it’s not difficult to imagine a situation where Wales itself could be termed as structurally racist before long.

A spokesman for Gwlad said the report might tick the boxes for officialdom, but it was troubling for Wales as a nation for several reasons.

“Unfortunately, the tenor of the report gives the impression that learning and speaking Welsh is a task beyond people of colour. Which is not just patronising, but downright ridiculous in view of the fact that there are thousands of non-White Welsh speakers throughout Wales” he said.

“This element of shaming a native culture to serve a narrative imported from America is something that has to be resisted.”

“Wales is not perfect and there’s always room for improvement in race relations here, but there’s really no grounds to develop a’ structurally racist’ narrative here” he added.

Minority interests pitched against each other in a sort of league table of worthiness also seems to be at the root of YesCymru’s recent implosion.

Intersectionality might be a new term for many, but it’s the official name for this ‘battle of worthiness’ between competing minority groups.

And you have to ask the question who really benefits from a suggestion that the use of Welsh is somehow ‘racist’ and the language framed as being against the interests of minority groups?

Divide and rule is alive and well in 2021.

One thought on “Imported Theory of Division

  1. What would a comparable report for institutions linked to the British establishment churn up, praytell? The full gamut of all colours, races and creeds in society, with equal opportunity across the board I’d expect. No entrenched privilege, old money, landed gentry and old boy networks to be found here, with their almost total composition of WASP stock, good heavens no!

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