Keeping the Show on the Road

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ESTABLISHMENT Wales’s desire to keep the status quo is becoming ever clearer at this election.

Yesterday, the BBC published a guide to all parties standing in the Election – which failed to mention Gwlad at all-despite the party having more candidates (14) than three of the other parties featured in the article.

This despite the fact the party has a party political broadcast actually scheduled on the BBC on April 22nd!

This dismissal and disregard of smaller parties in general at this election extends beyond Gwlad itself, and also includes Propel and the Greens in various ways as well.

A further example will be on display tonight (Wednesday) with the Wales-On Line Debate for Young People-with only Vaughan Gething (Labour), Andrew RT Davies (Tories) and Adam Price (Plaid) invited to take part.

‘It’s shocking the way that Establishment Wales, of which the BBC and Wales Online are such a key part, are closing ranks to prevent smaller parties from having a meaningful voice at this Election’ said Gwlad’s Communications Officer, Aled Gwyn Job.

‘The very nature of this limited-on-the-ground election should mean the media make much more of an effort this time round to provide a fair platform for all parties – but the exact opposite is actually happening.’

‘It’s not the first time that this type of omission has occurred, and so we have a submitted a complaint to the BBC about it. They say they will get back to us, but we are not holding our breath on that.’

Quite apart from the brick wall faced by new parties trying to enter the public arena in Wales, there’s also a wider point about the extent of public participation at this election.

With two TV electoral debates postponed here this week and no opinion polls – compared to two debates and two opinion polls in Scotland – there hardly seems a pulse in the Welsh Electoral Body right now.

‘We’ve had no complaints about this from Welsh Labour – but that’s not surprising seeing that they are perhaps the clearest example of Establishment Wales wanting to keep things as they are’ added Aled Gwyn Job.

‘They are depending on public apathy and a low-turn out to keep themselves in power. Fully democratising this election and allowing alternative views to be aired is the very last thing they want’.

Keeping the show on the road, even after 22 long years in power, seems to be Welsh Labour’s main policy at this election.

It might be the most unimaginative policy ever presented to the Welsh public, but it is sure to be flagged to death over the next three weeks with the help of their influential friends.

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