Labour’s Rural Grants Shame

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WELSH Labour have been shamed by the Auditor General for their negligence concerning rural grant aid.

£53 million in grants were doled out by Labour between 2016 and 2019 without proper competition or indeed scrutiny in place, according to Chief Auditor, Adrian Crompton.

The frightening thing is that this negligence and possible favouritism could just be the tip of the iceberg.

As the Auditor has only looked at £53 million of an estimated £774 million grant allocation of the Rural Development Programme (a combination of EU and domestic funds).

His report concludes by saying Welsh taxpayers need to be much better served in their government’s use of their money.

He recommends more oversight, review and evaluation of grant funding be put in place immediately.

‘This is just another blatant example of Welsh Labour’s cronyism-doling out money to their favourites in rural Wales, without proper oversight in place’ said a GWLAD spokesperson.

‘This is what happens unfortunately when you have a one-party state like we have in Wales.’

‘And if it’s happened with £53 million of these funds, you can be pretty sure it’s likely to have happened with the rest of the pot as well’.

He added it was high time for the Welsh taxpayer to insist on more transparency and accountability from the government with the use of their own money.

‘We need a further investigation into where this money went and what benefits for rural Wales have accrued from it.’

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