Lib Dems Caught Out Again

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ONE of the Lib Dems election wheezes is their ‘Lib Dems winning here’ leaflets, which always turn up in various constituencies, come rain or shine.

With those leaflets more often than not being, how shall we put it, quite ‘liberal’ with the truth of the real situation in each area.

Perhaps that ‘not living here’, would now be closer to the mark, after a TV interview with their Welsh leader, Jane Dodds last night.

In the interview, Ms Dodds talked about ‘here in Brecon and Radnorshire’ in her gushing tribute to AM Kirsty Williams who is standing down next May.

But, she wasn’t in Brecon and Radnorshire at all – she was actually in plush Richmond, West London, at her husband’s home where she has been cocooned since October 12th.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said her claim was just another example of a career politician being economical with the truth.

‘The public in Wales have had a bellyful of these rank hypocrites and opportunists, and they can see right through them’ he said.

He added that the Lib Dems had been rumbled a good time ago, with Welsh voters’ rejection of their ‘unholy alliance’ with the Greens and Plaid last year merely confirming all that.

‘The electors are not fools-they can see right through these little tactical political games which seem so clever to the parties concerned’ he said.

‘The fact that Jane Dodds was speaking on behalf of the Welsh Lib Dems, whilst she is holed up in London, shows they’ve run out of people in Wales itself, which says everything about them really.’

Kirsty Williams standing down next May will surely prove to be the death rattle for the Lib Dems in Wales.

Williams, their sole AM in Wales, was a popular constituency AM for many years, and has actually been quite an effective Education Minister, within a very poor Labour government in Cardiff Bay.

But, once she goes, most likely the party goes with her.

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