‘Little Platoons’ of Hope

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WITH the Covid 19 virus spreading so quickly, it’s all too easy to fall prey to panic and doomsday scenarios.

A widespread suspicion and dislike of politicians in general, and the Tories in particular, is also ramping up this sentiment.

A healthy suspicion of politicians and their motives is usually good for democracy, but there’s a danger sometimes for this to tip over into paranoia.

As can be seen with social media being awash with suggestions that the Tories are actively pursuing a form of eugenics with their Covid 19 strategy – by following a different ‘containment’ path to the ‘lockdown’ path followed in other countries.

Time alone will tell if this is the right course of action, but it is disturbing to see many on social media virtually wishing to see death on a huge scale – just in order to make a political point about the Tories’ innate inhumanity.

GWLAD holds no candle whatsover for the Tories, but surely hope and positivity has to be the right antidote to all this.

As a party, we have been cheered over the weekend, to hear of new community enterprises being initiated in Wales to respond to the ‘self-isolation’ process which could soon be upon us, and affect so many of our elderly.

A number of ‘cynlluniau cyfeillio’ (buddy schemes) have been set up in local communities to identify where people could be isolated, and then meet those individuals’ shopping/errand requirements.

Such initiatives remind one of the ‘little platoons’ lauded by Irish thinker Edmund Burke: those voluntary associations between individuals which are so important for community and national life.

The ‘little platoons’ philosophy accepts that no government, however benign, is really going to save us.

It has to be about people coming together voluntarily, coralling their joint wits and wisdom to work together, to come up with solutions to problems.

The community-mindedness, and this innate sense of looking out for one another which is still so strong in Wales can perhaps be our biggest asset in dealing with Covid 19.

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