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WATCHING Scotland’s own version of ‘Watergate’ unfold in front of us right now is a very disturbing process.

Especially for many here in Wales who have placed such hope for so many years in Scotland leading the way for our own national liberation.

Instead, the chaos within the main nationalist party in Scotland at this point in time seems to be the very last example one should seek to emulate.

Today, Former First Minister Alex Salmond was due to appear before Holyrood as part of the Scottish Parliament’s hearing into a flawed government complaints procedure against him.

Last week, the High Court had allowed him to publish his evidence about the whole matter. Some of the evidence to be submitted by Salmond was quite literally, incendiary:

‘The evidence supports a deliberate, prolonged, malicious, and concerted effort by a range of individuals in the Scottish Government and the SNP to damage my reputation, even to the extent of having me imprisoned’ he wrote.

His submission also included examples of present First Minister Nicola Sturgeon having broken the Ministerial Code on more than one occasion, which should automatically mean her resignation under Holyrood’s rules of procedure.

However, the Crown Office then stepped in to insist that the whole of that evidence could not be heard by the Scottish Parliament, with key sections having to be heavily redacted.

Stating the evidence could draw attention to particular individuals whose identities are protected after a separate crown court trial which found Salmond innocent of all sexual charges against him.

With Alex Salmond’s lawyers then announcing their client would not be attending the hearing today after all.

It’s very disappointing and even alarming to watch the two main figureheads of the Scottish Independence movement at loggerheads with each other like this.

With all the explosive material brought to public attention within a couple of months before a critical Scottish Election in May.

In this age of personality politics and polarities of position, there’s a tendency for people to take up either a binary pro-Salmond or pro-Sturgeon position on the whole issue.

Without considering there may be other players involved in this drama, bearing in mind the threat that Scottish Independence poses to the British State.

The UK has a proven track record over the years of fomenting discord and division within any nationalist movement that could jeopardise their interests.

And furthermore, a record of infiltrating, subverting and sabotaging those movements from within.

Watching from Wales, there certainly have been some very odd developments in Scotland over the past few years.

At a time when many expected the SNP to go for broke after Brexit, they decided instead to go for woke, with a wholesale importation of US identity politics into Scottish life – to the bemusement of the general public and even many of their own supporters.

Their Hate Crimes Bill introduced to outlaw ‘hate speech’ in society, potentially criminalizes private conversations in people’s own homes, despite the opposition expressed by hundreds of various organizations.

When you have both the Catholic Church and the Atheist Society in Scotland agreeing with each other that this is a very dangerous piece of legislation, alarm bells start to go off all over the shop.

The GRA (Gender Recognition Act) in turn, which allows individuals to change their gender at a whim, similarly has women’s groups all over Scotland up in arms.

Why the SNP have prioritised such legislation over and above more bread and butter issues and even independence itself, and what influences have been brought to bear on introducing them into Scottish life at this point remains a mystery.

Although a surge of money from US special interest groups and think-tanks over the past few years might give one an indication of what is likely going on.

Whatever the reason, the exodus of 55,000 members from the SNP since 2017 tells its own alarming story.

A spokesperson for Gwlad said the whole debacle was a salutary lesson for Wales.

‘The UK state are experts at nobbling political causes to sustain their own agenda, and it’s no surprise that they have given the Scottish Independence movement so much attention of late’ he said.

‘Not only have they managed to engineer an internal war within the SNP, they’ve also managed to shoehorn a woke political agenda into Scottish life designed to alienate many ordinary people from the independence cause’.

He added it showed how easily even the most noble of causes could be waylaid and corrupted by malign influences from without.

‘It really is a wake-up call for our own independence movement here in Wales to be so aware of this danger, because these people will soon have us in their sights as well’

‘Perhaps we should learn from all this, and depend more on our own efforts rather than putting all our trust in politicians who are always so likely to be seduced by power, money and influence’.

With the original Watergate scandal, it was the cover-up rather than the original crime itself which brought the house down eventually.

The cover-up with this political scandal which involves so many key agents in Scottish life is hurting the independence cause big time.

And even hurting the credibility of the ‘big hoos’ itself, Holyrood.

Some resolution is needed quickly.


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