More power to the people of Wales – independence is target for a brighter, better future for all

The people of Wales are constantly being sold short by the UK government, and now is the time to start pushing even harder for our independence. A new Welsh independence party is setting its sights on home rule for a brighter future.

“We are a justly proud of our big hearted small country, we punch way above our weight in sport, culture and the arts,” said GWLAD GWLAD chairman Sian Caiach, who is contesting the Cardiff Central parliamentary seat.

“And we have radical, pragmatic solutions to the economic and social issues facing contemporary Wales, evaluating ideas according to whether they will benefit Wales and her people – not according to ideology.

“Whilst we respect our English, Scottish, and Irish neighbours, we believe that good relations are best fostered and maintained by the respect that only a free and equal Wales can command.

“But we are artificially kept poor by Whitehall, as incomes – water, electricity, multi-national business – from our country are syphoned out of the economy,” said Sian. “Our communities are welded together with civic pride, social inclusion, solidarity and working together, which comes naturally to our innovative small country.”

GWLAD believes liberty and equality can only be properly promoted through an independent Welsh judiciary and system of law courts subject to the general principles of Welsh Common Law.

“Only through a proper, independent Government, with all the powers of any other sovereign state, can we further our Commitment to the common good of all citizens of Wales whatever their ethnicity, language, religion, nationality or gender – and gain our due respect from other nations,” Sian added.

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