No Price on Welsh Names

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CONSTRUCTIVE engagement with our fellow nationalist parties has been GWLAD’s policy from the start.

After all, Independence has to be a co-operative endeavour.

But that does not mean we will shy away from calling out poorly thought out policies by the other parties.

Such as the one recently proposed by Neil McEvoy’s new party on charging homeowners £10,000 for the right to change house names from Welsh into English.

His party – still nameless following the Electoral Commission’s decision to refuse the name Welsh National Party – has proposed the change through its two councillors in Gwynedd.

It’s created some headlines, but the truth of the matter is that such a policy fails on both a practical level and a values level.

£10,000 is often nothing at all to the type of monied individuals who are coveting our land.

Indeed, one suspects that many of them would only be too happy to ‘flash the cash’ just to make a point over this.

But the most important failure here is on the more fundamental values level.

‘Are we really going to place a monetary value on our precious Welsh names?’ said GWLAD’s Small Businesses and Communities Spokesperson, Rhydian Hughes.

‘I’m all for helping fellow nationalists, but we will not put a price on changing Welsh house names into English’.

Mr. Hughes said the line had to be held in view of an ever encroaching British nationalist government in Westminster and their lackeys in Y Senedd in Cardiff.

`GWLAD’s policy would be to pass legislation to safeguard against the changing of Welsh names, to protect us from any risk to our national identity’.

As a nation, we shouldn’t be giving the impression that we can be bought in 2020.

That has happened too many times in the past to our detriment.

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