Opening Up Candidates List

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GWLAD has formally opened up its candidates selection process for the Senedd Election next year.

The new Welsh Independence party intends to run candidates in all 40 Welsh constituencies next May.

And the whole process is to be made as open and accessible to all, to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to put their names forward for selection.

‘Are you like me, shocked at the outrageous attitude of politicians in the Westminster/Cardiff Bay bubble, and their disregard for us, the voters? said GWLAD leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

‘You must be asking yourself constantly – what planet are these people on?!

‘As a party, we will seek to be the polar opposite of all this. We have a different background and a whole different approach to things.

‘Our answers are practical and real. Based on the fact that many of our members have small businesses and knowledge of the real world.

‘Our policies address the needs of Wales, and your needs as individual voters and citizens. Not the needs of established politicians.’

Mr Evans said that as a new party, GWLAD are looking in particular for people with little or no political baggage.

‘Not having such baggage is a distinct advantage. What we want most of all, are individuals of all ages who can bring their life experiences to the table. We call this common sense.

‘This is an opportunity for people to step up and make a difference. And to be part of the transformational change that Wales so desperately needs’.

Full training for all candidates will be co-ordinated by GWLAD chair, Dr. Sian Caiach, an experienced political campaigner, who is the party candidate for Llanelli.

Anyone who is interested or who would just like a chat about the possibilities of standing for GWLAD next year, can contact Gwyn Wigley Evans on 07886399410 or [email protected]

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