Parity of Support for Independence

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AN open letter has been sent to YesCymru asking the organization to declare parity of support for all Indy parties at the election.

The letter has been sent to YesCymru chair Siôn Jobbins by Gwlad leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans, with a request that its contents be discussed by YesCymru’s central committee.

In his letter, Mr Evans says the civic, non-partisan movement should take a pro-active role in raising awareness about the Indy choices presented before the voters next month.

And that a pre-election statement to that end to its 18,000 + supporters should now be considered.

YesCymru are asked to inform all their members that there are 4 pro-independence parties standing at the election (Plaid, Gwlad, Propel and Greens) and that they should be made aware of that fact.

‘YesCymru should declare that they will not be supporting any particular party, but that they hope all 4 parties can succeed in their own way’ says Mr Evans.

‘They should urge their members to undertake their own individual research into these 4 parties before deciding who to vote for.’

The letter also asks the organization to draw their members’ attention to the second vote system, and how that can be used to elect more independence-supporting candidates into the Senedd.

‘Perhaps YC’s very effective memes and graphics team can be used productively in this respect.’

The statement should also reiterate that Independence, and Independence alone is YesCymru’s sole task in life.

At present there is a twitter storm engulfing YesCymru concerning a suspension and investigation, and fears that various elements are now starting to wrestle for power within the organization

Perhaps a ‘Team Cymru’ statement before the election would be a way to wrestle back control and re-direct people’s attention back to the main task in hand.

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