Past the Last Chance Saloon

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THE Welsh public have been made a mockery of by some of its leading politicians.

It emerged yesterday that four AMs had been caught taking part in a late night drinks party at the Senedd – days after Wales had been placed in an alcohol-free lockdown.

Tory Leader Paul Davies was joined for the rule-breaking Christmas do by fellow Tories Nick Ramsay and Darren Millar along with Labour AM Alun Davies.

Incredibly, the four –  who say they were discussing Senedd business – had commissioned a catering company from Reading to supply the drinks to what was supposedly a ‘dry’ Wales.

Gwlad leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said it was yet another example of the sheer arrogance of the Welsh political class.

‘If they were working for me, they would not be facing an investigation, they would be collecting their P45s’ he said.

‘These people have brought the very worst elements of Westminster with its sense of entitlement, high living, subsidised bars and the like here to Wales.’

Mr. Evans said the scandal also highlighted deeper questions about the competence and integrity of the current Senedd members.

‘An all important question asked in industry is: what are they doing and how are they doing it – and that’ s a question that needs to be asked of the people we have in the Senedd right now.’

‘We in Gwlad can ask that because many of us run our own businesses, unlike them. It’s time for change and a change for the better.

The Welsh public have every right to feel aggrieved and furious at this blatant example of ‘rules for thee but not for me’ when we are all suffering such hardship under lockdown.

Days previous to the party, the four AM’s along with every other member of the Senedd bar one had agreed that coronavirus was so deadly that a lockdown was needed.

And that alcohol and socialising was the virus’s very best friend, and had to be avoided like the plague.

Funny then that alcohol and socialising seemed no problem for the gang of 4, who partied merrily together at the Senedd until 2.00 AM.

Do they know something the general public don’t??

It’s yet another scandal to beset Labour’s Alun Davies, who was already way ahead in the Welsh political sleaze stakes.

But it’s probably more of an immediate problem for Welsh Conservatives Leader Paul Davies.

Whatever the rumours that this story has been released at this juncture to damage him, it seems difficult to imagine that he can hang on to his position as leader at this point.

Conservative members are already calling on him to step down because of the terrible optics presented by the incident.

With AM Suzy Davies also missing out on a top list place this week, it could be argued that the more ‘Welsh’ elements within the Conservatives are being deliberately pushed out, with a more Unionist element coming to the fore.

If the Unionist part of the Conservative brand here in Wales are indeed flexing their muscles, it might turn out to be no bad thing.

Those who identify more as conservative than unionist can adjust their voting choices accordingly.

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