Reckless Sparks Welsh Revolt

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BREXIT party activists in Wales are in open revolt against their party leader’s wish to abolish Y Senedd.

They are now to hold an on-line poll amongst their members to decide to which pro-Senedd party they should now switch their support.

The Brexit Party won 80,000 votes at the General Election last year (5% of the vote) and it would appear that a good portion of these votes are now up for grabs by another party.

Brexit Party Leader in Wales, Mark Reckless announced over the weekend that the party would campaign to abolish Wales’s parliament.

But his stance was rejected in statement made last night on behalf of Brexit Party Facebook groups in Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, and Aberafan and Neath.

They claim that Reckless was behaving like a colonial dictator, having made the announcement without any consultation with the grass-roots members in Wales.

GWLAD leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans said Mark Reckless’s move was an example of top-down politics at its very worst.

‘It just reeks of the career politician mentality which we are all so fed up with in Wales today’ he said.

‘Reckless by name, reckless by nature, and it’s good to see people standing up to such a destructive attitude’.

Mr. Evans said it was obvious that the grass- roots members could not switch their support to Plaid, after that party’s fervent anti-Brexit stance.

‘The Conservatives are actively plotting to undermine Y Senedd, and they surely won’t switch to Labour after their mis-management of Wales for 20 years. ‘

He added that they would be inviting the members to consider GWLAD – a party that has always respected the Welsh people’s decision to leave the EU.

‘As a party that also campaigns for Wexit, we believe we can find common ground with these members’.

‘We are very Pro-Senedd, but we want it to work in a better way for Wales and her people.’

‘As our slogan goes, we need an approach which is ‘not right, not left, but what’s right for Wales.’

People who voted for Brexit in Wales have been unfairly maligned and subject to ridicule by the chattering classes over the past few years.

But, at its core, that vote was essentially for the restoration of the concept of the nation state again, against the mission creep centralization of the EU.

And when the notion of the nation state is back on the agenda, Wales itself as a nation is back in business.

One thought on “Reckless Sparks Welsh Revolt

  1. Reckless is an English blow-in. with no prior connection with Wales whatsoever; he’s just here to extend what’s left of his political career. At least Neil Hamilton has some early roots here, even if these days they’re not immediately obvious!

    I doubt, though, that the Welsh Tories will back Reckless’s agenda to turn the governance of Wales into a Celtic variation of Greater Manchester or the English west midlands, with a first minister who’s no more than a regional mayor. First, because there are now Tories whose political career depends on the Senedd. And secondly because Reckless, as a renegade Tory, has committed the sin which can never be forgiven in Tory circles – he apostasized from the Conservative party and stood for a rival faction!

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