Remembering a Welsh Patriot

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WALES has lost one of its bravest patriots, with the death of John Barnard Jenkins at the age of 87.

Jenkins was the brains behind MAC (Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru) which grew out of the anger and frustration at the drowning of Cwm Tryweryn in 1963.

The organisation placed bombs in several government buildings during the sixties, and also tried to derail the Investiture of Prince Charles at Caernarfon in 1969.

Jenkins served 7 years in prison for his activities with MAC and wrote an absorbing book about his experiences, ‘Prison Letters’.

On his release, he became a social worker, and more recently founded the popular nationalist ‘Cambria Band‘ which has performed at numerous national events over the years.

Gwlad Leader Gwyn Wigley Evans said the people of Wales needed to remember not only Jenkins’s personal sacrifice, but the fact that the nation was still not free.

‘As a party, we are obviously dedicated to a non-violent approach to tackling Wales’s problems today’ he said.

‘But, that’s not to say, we can’t remember John Jenkins’s lifelong dedication to Wales-  and the fact that we are still living with the situation that he drew our attention to in the 1960s.’

Mr Evans said John Jenkins exposed the way that the British establishment co-opted the ‘great and the good’ in Wales to foist an English prince on the people of Wales in 1969 to keep the Welsh in their place.

‘The sad truth is that the British establishment are still up to their dirty tricks and manipulation fifty years on’ he said.

‘We have a puppet Senedd in Cardiff, run by the London civil service, and a supine Welsh ruling class doing their bidding there’

He added that the British/Welsh establishment had to be challenged and exposed in a new way in this era, and that Gwlad would do its utmost to do that at the election in May 2021.

John Jenkins was an unusual patriot in one respect.

He was a serving officer with the British Army and used his experiences within the army to organize MAC’s cell structure and all its activities.

A reverse infiltration which managed to confound the authorities for years, with Jenkins’s organisation managing to remain at large despite all efforts to detect them.

In a book published last year ‘The Reluctant Revolutionary’, it was revealed that Jenkins was actually a tempering influence within MAC, successfully arguing against any attempts to assassinate Prince Charles, as that would have fatally damaged the national cause.

Instead, he implemented a strategic bombing campaign, with the aim of completely derailing the Investiture to cause work wide embarrassment for the British establishment.

Unfortunately, two members of MAC died when a device they were carrying to derail the Royal Carriage exploded at Abergele.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that time, but as somebody once said ‘the past is never dead. It’s not even past’.

A sentiment that is so true of Wales as we remember John Barnard Jenkins.

3 thoughts on “Remembering a Welsh Patriot

  1. I seriously doubt whether we in Wales will ever see his like again. There wasn’t many like him around in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Now it’s like searching for rocking horse shit ! And arguably England is stuffing Wales harder now than it ever did back in that era, mainly because England and its UK operation have been well and truly taken over by a bunch of political gangsters and criminals for whom the assimilation of our nation is just one bit part in a bigger plot. They are a big black cloud over our future identity.

    1. Come off it Gethin. The Crachach, who seem to bother you so much, are the petty little pawns who get instructed even micro managed by the “big boys” who are mostly located up the far end of the M4. The compliant crach here in Wales are the runners who do the bidding of their bosses. Aspirational of course and some of them do go on to bigger things but for most of them being big fish in a smallish pond suffices and feels a lot safer. One thing for sure if we shake loose of London’s grip our local “problem” cliques will need de-commissioning otherwise we will just replace one bad bunch with another.

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