Rhydian Getting On With It

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TWO cancelled election debates and a fawning Senedd in session today.

Quite a heavy price for Wales to pay as part of the week long official mourning period for the Duke of Edinburgh who died over the weekend.

Which deprives voters of essential information and effectively cuts 25% off the campaigning time for the parties at the election next month.

Unlike the established parties, Gwlad were in campaigning mode today, both on-line and on the ground.

‘We are just following the Duke’ s own advice – “Just bloody get on with it – life goes on”‘ said a spokesperson for the party.

‘The fawning politicians at the Senedd get a day off, but most of us are still working today, including Gwlad candidates.’

One area receiving attention today was Clwyd West, where Rhydian Hughes from Pentrefoelas is standing as a constituency candidate for the party.

Rhydian, a small business owner, who is contesting a Senedd Election for the very first time, is standing on three main platforms in the constituency.

Backing businesses, jobs and skills.

500% council tax surcharge on second homes and holiday lets. With the income generated re-invested in local services.

Campaigning for the young people of Clwyd West to get the opportunities they deserve.

‘I believe Wales is the greatest country in the world potentially, but we are being continually stifled by the UK government’ said Mr. Hughes.

‘How can we ever hope to thrive as a nation when our aspirations are always ignored and downplayed by London? ‘.

Mr Hughes said he hoped to get as many first votes as possible at the election, but that he was also emphasizing the opportunity for people to cast their second vote for the party, should they still want to vote first for their usual party.

‘For too long, the Bay Bubble parties have taken it for granted that voters owe them their two votes’

‘But, if you care for Wales, you can also vote for Gwlad, a sensible and grounded party which will stand for the Welsh National Interest.’ he said

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