Second Print For Gwlad

A SECOND print of a book outlining the formation of GWLAD is in motion.

‘Gwlad! Gwlad? An Invitation to a Party’ by Aled Gwyn Job was originally published 18 months ago.

‘We had hoped at this stage to have started our actual campaign for 2021, but the current restrictions have prevented that unfortunately’ said Mr Job, who is the party’s Communications Officer.

‘So, during this hiatus, I thought it would be an idea to give more people an opportunity to read all about the reasons for establishing GWLAD in the first place’.

‘Hopefully, this second print will engender some new interest in our work by the time the campaign gets going later this summer.’

He added that with the surge in interest in Welsh Independence over the period of the lockdown, many of the new recruits to the movement would surely be interested in learning about a new political party, standing for that very principle.

The book outlines the process of forming the party, over the course of a year, from the end of 2017 to the actual launch in autumn 2018.

‘Some of the initial personnel have come and gone, with new individuals taking their place on the party’s steering committee by now’ he said.

‘But, the core philosophy of the party has not changed. We are for Welsh Independence, but we don’t accept this tribal and extreme, left v right mode of thinking.’

‘Most normal people don’t think in these absolute polarities any more as life is much more nuanced than that.’

‘ As a party, we want to reflect that nuance, and so we are open to good ideas from wherever they come, as long as they can benefit Wales as a nation’.

He added that GWLAD is though an unashamedly nationalist party, which will put Welsh interests first and foremost.

‘We will not flinch from saying things as they are. We believe there’s an appetite out there for some honesty and straight talking about what needs to change in Wales.’

‘There is a huge shift going on here at present, everybody can sense that.’

‘So, In a way, I think the book is even more relevant now than when it was first published in 2018’.

The book will soon be available to purchase on the party’s website

In the meantime, anyone interested can purchase it either in Welsh book shops, or by contacting the author personally at [email protected].

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