Shifting the Goalposts Again

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BORIS Johnson is likely to outline the roll-out of domestic vaccine passports later today (Monday).

It’s the latest in a shifting set of goalposts by this Tory Government, who seem to delight in confusing and disorientating the general population.

Only in January, Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi categorically ruled out the use of any vaccine passports in the UK.

Now his shaggy-haired boss is to do one of his cringing Winston Churchill impersonations, to tell us that the vaccine passports are going to be a fact of life, if we want our ‘freedoms’ back.

It would be the ultimate insult to the intelligence to hear a Conservative prime minister telling people that their freedoms can only be ensured by such an alarming growth in state authoritarianism.

And his suggestion that they would only last ‘for a year’ also takes us all for fools, knowing how all governments always want to hold on to new powers gained over their citizens.

Unfortunately for Bojo, up to 70 MPs, including 40 of his own, have said this is a step too far and have vowed to vote against any such measure if it is introduced in Parliament.

Perhaps they are just sensing the public mood on this issue, with more and more questions being asked about this whole year long saga.

Only a few days ago, Panorama ran a shocking programme showing clear evidence how the PCR testing system(the whole basis for lockdowns) was fatally flawed in one key testing laboratory.

And to add to this momentum, #NoVaccine Passports was also trending on Twitter in the UK over the weekend.

We were initially told that vaccines were needed to protect the elderly and the vulnerable, and the vast majority of these have now indeed been vaxxed.

Flagging up Vaccine Passports at this stage though seems just a cynical attempt to persuade younger and healthier sections of the population to take up the vaccine as well.

Normalising regular vaccination amongst such a cohort would be the ultimate wet dream for Big Pharma and their influential backers.

Which include former PM Tony Blair, who has recently admitted that his Global Foundation has been ‘working on’ vaccine passports for a number of years.

But if domestic vaccine passports were to be introduced in the UK, they are sure to discriminate against all who make a personal choice not to take up the vaccine, thus creating a divisive, two-tier society in effect.

A spokesperson for GWLAD said it was galling that such a measure which would have such a wide-ranging effect on the lives of the people of Wales was to be decided in Westminster.

‘We should be able to make any such decision here in Wales, after a wide-ranging public debate’ he said.

‘As a party which values individual liberties, we have huge concerns about imposing vaccine passports on all, just to be able to partake in normal life.’

‘People should not be psychologically coerced in such a manner.’

With all the revelations about the multi-million coronavirus contracts handed out by the Tories to their mates over the past few months, the’ follow the money’ principle also seems a valid concern at this point.

This corruption has already eroded public trust in the government.

It’s then hard not to see vaccine passports – which would be another multi-million enterprise – in exactly the same light.

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